Level Up 5-Year Journal Winners

You Set a Goal… And Achieved It!

At our recent Company Launch Event, Before to Beyond, we rolled out a special opportunity for those who advance to a new Influencer Title in January.

The reward for the individuals who took action below will be a personalized 5-Year Journal signed by Ray Faltinsky and Dr Mark Drucker. Congratulations!

January Level Up Qualifiers

Sarah Cranston – New Influencer 7
Krystal Litscher – New Influencer 3
Mitzi Appodaca – New Influencer 2
Nicole Brown – New Influencer 2
Tawny Amos – New Influencer 2
Becky Spieth – New Influencer 2
Barb Richards – New Influencer 2
Brooke Lea – New Influencer 1
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