Get Charged Up for our Zip 2 it Qualifiers!

Enjoy your Flip the Switch Power Bank!

If you’re looking for a good buddy to travel with, we recommend the individuals below.

Why, you ask?…

Well, not only are they clearly amazing at helping lift others up and help they get healthier, but they’ll also be there for you if your phone is every approaching that dreaded battery “red zone.”

That’s because they’ve all won a Flip the Switch power bank and wireless phone charger. Congrats!

Zip 2 It Qualifiers

Alyssa Rssi

Amy Low

Barbara Richards

Becky Spieth

Doug Ware

Heidi Feldman

Ilene Cohn Reichman

Jennifer Dillon

Jessica Paul

Joy Edgerton

Kathleen Ernette

Krystal Litscher

Lisa Babler

Melissa Crane

Michelle Erickson

Milinda Valente

Mitzi Appodaca

Nancy Spadafora

Nicole Brown

Robin Block

Sarah Cranston

Sheila Gunderson

Tawny Amos

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