Zip 2 It for a Power Bank Phone Charger!

“Flip the Switch” and power up anywhere!

Chances are, with all of the excitement from sharing our new “Flip the Switch” video day and night, your phone battery is paying the price.

How frustrating is it when you’re away from home and that “battery anxiety” starts to set in? When you get that 20% warning and have to think about where to find your next charge. Fumbling around with cords, or being that one at the airport sitting on the ground by an outlet just to juice up before your flight…

Well those days are over thanks to our newest Zip 2 It reward, a “Flip the Switch” Power Bank and QI Wireless Charger!

Win a “Flip the Switch” Power Bank and QI Wireless Charger!

That’s a big name, we know, but here’s what it means. First of all, it’s a Power Bank, which means you can charge it at home with a wall plug and it will hold up to 10,000 mAh which is enough power to charge the latest smartphones 3-4 full times.

There are 2 USB ports so you can charge your phone simply by plugging in, or even charge 2 phones or devices at once, but it gets better… This prize is ALSO a Wireless QI Charger. That means you can simply place your phone on top of the Power Bank and it will charge wirelessly if your phone is QI charging enabled. That’s right, no cords! Place your phone, your AirPods, your tablet, anything with wireless charging can get a boost just like that!

And best of all, it rocks our “Flip the Switch” logo which is a great conversation starter when you’re out and about.

All you have to do to earn this incredible rewards is Enroll 2 new Members on Subscribe & Save with a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® between January 16 and February 5th, 2021. Will you power up with us?

Zip 2 It Details
Enroll 2 new Subscribe & Save Members and win a “Flip the Switch” Power Bank & Wireless QI Charger!
New Members must join with a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® (2 bags) on Subscribe & Save between January 16 – February 5, 2021.
Phone not included.

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