Congratulations Yeti Black Edition Qualifiers!

Celebrating our latest Zip 2 It Winners

Whether you’re looking to stay warm with a hot drink in the Winter, or keep your ZipSlim® nice and chilled, these people below can do it all thanks to the new Yeti they just won in our Zip 2 It promotion!


Zip 2 It Qualifiers

Angela Fowler
Barbara Richards
Becky Spieth
Bobbi Lemon
Brooke Redmond
Carla Villamor
Denae Burkhardt
Ilene Cohn Reichman
Israel Izzy Francisco
Jennifer Dillon
Joy Edgerton
Krystal Litscher
Mandy Kaufenberg
Melissa Crane
Melissa Sinclair
Mitzi Appodaca
Randall Bobb
Sarah Cranston
Yvette Breyfogle
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