Your Simple Daily Success Strategy

As a Beyond Slim® Coach, we promise you a surprisingly simple side-hustle.

We’ve kept our Social Referral Marketing™ model straight-forward, transparent and fair so that anybody has the ability to earn what they are worth. We’re proud to go Above and Beyond to provide you with an unparalleled business opportunity.

But we didn’t stop there, we put the tools in your hands to make it easy to share ZipSlim® with the world, as we strive together to help millions become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier.

You have the ability to share our conversation-starting Flip the Switch video, Social Media Images, clinically-backed Science Videos, Before to Beyond Stories, and more from your FREE Beyond Slim Mobile App, where you also now have the ability to send ZipSlim® samples across the country with the press of a button.

With all of these tools in the palm of your hand, the secret to success is just as simple – Share them in a meaningful way, and do it consistently.

2 a Day

Make it a daily goal to have at least 2 meaningful prospecting interactions a day. This can be sharing a tool from the app like a video, image, or PDF, selling/sending a ZipSlim® Sample, meeting up to hand a sample in person, going for a walk with a friend and bringing them a Golden Juice for the road.

It’s up to you, but whatever you do, do it with intention. Don’t just fire a link out of the blue, don’t spam your friends list or hit somebody up for the 7th time in a week. Take time to connect with somebody who could benefit from the incredible science behind ZipSlim®, and be thoughtful about the way in which you reach out to them.

Ask yourself what ZipSlim® benefit might be most relevant to this person, or which Before to Beyond Story would hit home in a way that might inspire them. Be normal, be thoughtful, and be consistent.

If you can find two new people daily to reach out to meaningfully, you’ll have your 2 a Day.

10 in Play

It won’t happen instantly, but as you stay consistent in reaching out to 2 a Day, eventually you will have 10 in Play. That means at least 10 people with whom you’re having an ongoing conversation about ZipSlim® and/or the Beyond Slim® opportunity.

Every interaction is unique, so it may take some time to get to 10 in Play, and that’s OK. Some people will buy right away – great! Some people won’t reply for a week – no problem! Some people will say no for now – that’s fine! What matters is to focus on getting your 2 a Day, and the 10 in Play will come – we promise!

How can you put this into action right now? Learn today from one of our top Coaches, Influencer 3 Joy Edgerton who spoke with our Coach Raynes about adding the “2 a Day, 10 in Play!” mentality to your team today!

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