Congratulations Zip 2 It Qualifiers!

Celebrating our 30 & 60 Sample Winners

While we are certainly thrilled about the million-dollar innovation and Sampling System in the all-new Beyond Slim® Mobile App, we wanted to give you a head start on sampling season with our latest Zip 2 It Promotion.

For the winners below, congratulations! Now you have some additional samples to hand out in person. As an added bonus, when you do hand out those samples, open up your App and scroll down to the section marked Drip Campaigns – then simply subscribe your prospect to that campaign to give them a series of value-building emails about ZipSlim® and its amazing science-backed benefits.

Zip 2 It Qualifiers – Enrolled 4 & Earned 60 Samples

Angela Fowler
Barbara Richards
Brooke Redmond
Joy Edgerton
Sandra Napper

Zip 2 It Qualifiers – Enrolled 2 & Earned 30 Samples

Brenda Duggie
Chelsey Vorwerk
Doug Ware
Kathleen Ernette
Krystal Litscher
Mandy Kaufenberg
Sarah Cranston
Tammy Shirack
Wendy Gauthier
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