March Enrollers Club Qualifiers

Celebrating our FIRST E30 Members!

At our January company Launch event, we introduced a special new recognition category – Enrollers Club.

This special tier of recognition celebrates the core of what makes a successful Beyond Slim® Coach, not only Enrolling new Members, but supporting them as they grow in our community as your personally-enrolled Customers and Coaches.

Since launch, we have been able to roll out 2 game-changing innovations to support you in these key efforts of enrolling and retention. With our new Beyond Slim® Mobile App and Sampling System it’s easier than ever to share your favorite tools and send ZipSlim® samples to help you enroll new Members. With the addition of Reboot Groups™, it’s never been easier to support and retain your Customers long-term thanks to amazing community support and accountability.

How to Qualify for Enrollers Club:

E30 – Achieve 30 Total Personally Enrolled Members in a given month
E60 – Achieve 60 Total Personally Enrolled Members in a given month
E90 – Achieve 90 Total Personally Enrolled Members in a given month

Details: You and your personally-enrolled Members (Customers and Coaches) must be on Subscribe & Save with at least a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® (2 bags) in the same calendar month to qualify.

Congratulations to our first E30 Qualifiers!

Barbara Richards

Joy Edgerton

Sarah Cranston

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