Congratulations to our latest qualifiers!

The best way to help your Beyond Slim business thrive is to make enrolling new Customers and Coaches on Subscribe & Save a monthly habit. The new Beyond Slim App with our innovative Sampling System are great tools for helping you prospect and enroll – and it comes FREE with your Coach membership.

Though it only launched in the second half of March, we still saw Beyond Slim® Coaches taking action and helping their team grow to new titles like our first-ever Silver Influencer 1, Sarah Cranston.

Congratulations to the individuals below who enrolled either 5 or 10 new Members with at least a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® on Subscribe & Save in March, earning a spot on our Hi 5 and Hi 10 Lists!

Hi 10 Qualifiers – March 2021

Hi 5 Qualifiers – March 2021

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