NEW First-Time Beyond Bucks Earners!

Look who’s getting their product FREE for the first time!

Beyond Slim® Coaches already have a mold-shattering Compensation Plan rooted in our commitment to go Above and Beyond with our proprietary Social Referral Marketing™ model. But with the ability to earn up to $160 per month in Beyond Bucks, you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of ZipSlim® every month… for FREE!

How it Works:

A Coach joins Beyond Slim to earn income, not spend it! So when you enroll 2 Preferred Customers, you immediately begin earning Beyond Bucks to use toward FREE ZipSlim®!

As a Coach with 2 or more Personally Enrolled Preferred Customers, you are eligible to receive Beyond Bucks each and every month as long as you are on the Subscribe & Save Program. You will receive Beyond Bucks equal to the average of your two highest personal Preferred Customers’ Subscribe & Save orders.

You can earn up to $160 Beyond Bucks each month, and they will be automatically applied to your next Subscribe & Save order. They are awarded the month following your 2 Preferred Customers’ Subscribe & Save orders, and they do not “roll over” to future months. Only Coaches are eligible to earn Beyond Bucks.

Congratulations to our First-Time Beyond Bucks Earners who will be getting their ZipSlim for FREE!
April 2021

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