Level Up Qualifiers Went the Distance!

Congratulations April Level Up Endurance T-Shirt winners

The Beyond Slim® community came out sprinting at the start of April and maintained that pace all month long en route to an absolute record-smasher of a month in every category.

Any time you have momentum like that, sparked by our Summer Slimdown and the power of the Beyond Slim® Mobile App and Sampling Program, you’re going to see amazing new title advancements as well. What made April extra sweet was the chance for our Level Up qualifiers to win some first-edition Reboot 66™ Endurance T-Shirts just in time for the Summer to heat up!

2 T-Shirt Qualifiers
Advanced Multiple Titles Influencer +

1 T-Shirt Qualifiers
Leveled Up 1 New Title Influencer +

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