Congratulations Zip 2 It Qualifiers!

When we announced our latest Zip 2 It promotion we gave you a chance to show us you’re a #slimfluencer – and show us you did!

Congratulations to the individuals below who will be rocking their own women’s or men’s #slimfluencer T-Shirt for FREE! Qualifiers must maintain their qualification through the end of May production. Details here.

Looking for a chance to earn your own Zip 2 It reward? You’re in luck, our latest promotion is live NOW with your chance to earn a FREE ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag.

#slimfluencer T-Shirt Qualifiers

Angela Fowler
Angela Spicer
Ashley Mulrooney
Barbara Richards
Becky Spieth
Brooke Ann
Carrie Kerens
Derek Buckalew
Heather Peer
Honest Trade
Joseph Russo
Joy Edgerton
Julianne Rossetti
Kathleen Ernette
Kendra Budish
Kim Adams
Krystal Litscher
Margie Kuhn
Melissa Sambiagio
Melissa Sinclair
Misty Sellars
Sharon Cummins
Sheri Buckalew
Tee Lytle
Thomas Gomez
Congratulations Zip 2 It Qualifiers!
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