CEO Message – January 2021

You were there Before… now let’s Go Beyond!

Hear from Beyond Slim® CEO Ray Faltinsky kicking off January riding the momentum from Before to Beyond, the official Beyond Slim® company launch event.

Learn how you can leverage the new Flip the Switch video and message, and use your January success to set the tone for your 2021.

Ray lays out the 5 steps that will determine your results in this month’s video, listed below as well for easy reference.

  1. Share the Flip the Switch video
  2. Attend and leverage our January Virtual Events
  3. Qualify for every Zip 2 It by enrolling at least 2 new Members
  4. Qualify for Hi 5 / Hi 10 by enrolling 5 or 10 new Members
  5. Level Up by advancing to a new Influencer Title!
Beyond Slim® CEO Ray Faltinsky’s January 2021 Message

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