Congratulations to everybody who will be able to sip in style because they decided to Zip 2 It and win an exclusive ZipSlim tumbler!

2 ZipSlim Tumbler Qualifiers

Adriana Ruiz
Alicia Skarbek
Cari Maddux
Cathie Trimble
Christy Sanning
Danielle Miller
Dr. Kuruvila
Kary Kruger
Melissa Sinclair
Michelle Nagle
Robin Block
Travis McCarty
Deborah Hand
Dr. Sadi Jimenez
Lara Burris
Stacy Rushing
Stacye Lehmann
Christine Jaeger
Mary Lynne Urpanil Loughran
Mitzi Appodaca

1 ZipSlim Tumbler Qualifiers

Angela Munoz
Courtney Leigh
Doug Ware
Freddy Melero
Jennifer Lockhart
Kathleen Ernette
Kelly Reed
Melissa Kugler
Nikki Dee
Sarah Cranston
Shelby Zee
Sherry Park
Denise Sudduth
Kim Adams
Jen Steffes
Krystal Litscher

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