You’ll be rocking your Baseball Tee in style!

You hit it out of the park! Congratulations to everybody who took action in our recent Zip 2 It promotion and earned this limited edition Fitter. Healthier. Happier. baseball tee!

See the list of qualifiers below. Full rules and details here. And check out our latest Zip 2 It Promotion here!

Zip 2 It Baseball Tee Qualifiers

Abby Risley

Adriana Ruiz

Angela Munoz

Brittany Nierman

Chance Smith

Daun Noble

Deborah O Schaer

Israel Francisco

Jacie Pescina

Jennifer Lockhart 

Jen Steffes

Kary Kruger

Kelly Reed

Kim Adams

Krystal Litscher

Lindsey Becker

Mandy Nolan

Mary Lynne Urpanil-Loughran 

Michelle Nagle

Robin Block

Sarah Cranston

Stacye Lehmann

Tawny Amos

Valerie Flournoy

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