Your Second Chance Has Arrived!

In anticipation of the start of weight loss season in January, we are proud to announce a company first, a Fast Start RESET!  

What this means is that any title advancement to a new High Title during this timeframe, will automatically qualify for the Fast Start Bonus, no matter how long you’ve been with Beyond Slim! So if for some reason you are no longer on your Fast Start schedule, you now have from December 1, 2021 until March 31, 2022 to earn as many Fast Start Bonuses as possible, by achieving a new High Title.  

As long you as you achieve a new High Title before March 31st, you will be paid that full Fast Start Bonus as long as you maintain that title for 3 months, even if the 3 month qualification period goes beyond the March date.  It’s as simple and lucrative as it sounds! 

Let’s make the next 90 days historic!  Let’s Go!

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