September First Time Free Product Earners

Look who’s getting their product FREE for the first time!

Beyond Slim® Coaches already have a mold-shattering Compensation Plan rooted in our commitment to go Above and Beyond with our proprietary Social Referral Marketing™ model. But with the ability to earn up to $160 per month in Beyond Bucks, you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of ZipSlim® every month… for FREE!

How it Works:

A Coach joins Beyond Slim to earn income, not spend it! So when you enroll 2 Preferred Customers, you immediately begin earning Beyond Bucks to use toward FREE ZipSlim®!

As a Coach with 2 or more Personally Enrolled Preferred Customers, you are eligible to receive Beyond Bucks each and every month as long as you are on the Subscribe & Save Program. You will receive Beyond Bucks equal to the average of your two highest personal Preferred Customers’ Subscribe & Save orders.

You can earn up to $160 Beyond Bucks each month, and they will be automatically applied to your next Subscribe & Save order. They are awarded the month following your 2 Preferred Customers’ Subscribe & Save orders, and they do not “roll over” to future months. Only Coaches are eligible to earn Beyond Bucks.

NEW “Earn Your ZipSlim for FREE” Video

We’re excited to roll out a simple new video that will help any Customer in your team see the value of upgrading to Coach for the chance to earn up to $160 a month in Beyond Bucks. Check it out below and share with anybody in your team who is ready for that “upgrade” conversation today!

First-Time Beyond Bucks Earners who will be getting their ZipSlim for FREE!
September 2021

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