Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity through 12/31/2020

Just announced! All Beyond Slim Coaches who join by the end of 2020 will forever carry the designation of Founding Coach!

This truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity recognizes Coaches like you who were with us “Before” as we get ready to “Go Beyond” at our official Company Launch Event kicking off 2021.

To really maximize this, however, use the time between now and our launch event to help more people get started as Founding Coaches with us!

As we covered on our recent Side Hustle Saturday event, your 2021 is determined by your success in January; but your January success can be amplified by the action you take NOW so that your business can thrive when we all “Flip the Switch” in the new year.

Learn more from top Influencer Courtney Leigh on how you can maximize this opportunity!
Founding Coach Graphic
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