Growing Fast. Built to Last.

How Beyond Slim found the perfect balance between ground floor upside and long-term stability.

If you’re looking to a side hustle to earn some additional income, you’re often starting at an uninspiring landscape of countless risky startups, dotted with a select few old-school behemoths. Do you take a risk with a brand new company, unsure of their management team track record, product quality, or long-term prospects? The upside may be enticing, but if you’ve been burned before you know the pain of having your business fall apart through no fault of your own. And while the huge companies are much more likely to be around a year from now, there certainly isn’t the same opportunity to ride the wave of growth or be unique in what you can offer others.

Ray Faltinsky stared at this same landscape, and charted a new path. As CEO of Beyond Slim®, he innovated a completely new category, called Social Referral Marketing™. So unique that Beyond Slim® holds the trademark for the model, it is built on fairness and transparency, making it possible for the average person to achieve above-average results. He then supercharged this business with a seasoned executive team, putting over 150 years of Direct Sales experience at his side, and spending nearly 2 years building the best product, compensation plan, training and marketing systems.

The result is a ground floor opportunity with the stability of an established company. One that is growing fast, but built to last. And if the first 6 months are any indication, we’re just getting started. Learn more in the video below!

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