Introducing NEW Hi 5 and Hi 10 Recognition!

Say “Hi” and Enroll 5 or 10 New Members in a Month

The best way to help your Beyond Slim business thrive is to make enrolling new Customers and Coaches on Subscribe & Save a monthly habit.

Not only will you always be helping more people get Fitter, Healthier, and Happier, but you’ll be building a solid foundation for your side hustle. From our Customer Introduction Commission, to our Title Advancement Bonuses you’ll earn as your team grows, it all starts with helping new people start!

That’s why we’re recognizing all of our Coaches who enroll either 5 or 10 new Members in a month with special new recognition categories: Hi 5 and Hi 10!

You and your qualifying new Members (Customers or Coaches) must be on Subscribe & Save with at least a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® (2 bags) to qualify.

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