Upgraded! New Mobile App & Sampling Features

NEW! Shipment tracking info and alerts on sample shipments

After a record-breaking month of April it’s clear that the new million-dollar Beyond Slim® Mobile App is making it easier than ever for Coaches to reach new potential Customers. One our recent Side Hustle Saturday event, we unveiled some big news that will make the cutting-edge Sampling Program even more effective, plus additional upgrades outlined below. Open your App today to experience it all!

If you’re a Beyond Slim® Coach and you don’t have the App yet, what are you waiting for? It’s FREE with your Coach Membership and unlocks hundreds of pieces of unique, trackable, content to share! Download today for iOS or Android.

Track Sample Shipments with Real-Time Notifications

With the most effective and delicious weight loss product available in ZipSlim®, your potential Customer just needs to try it to believe it can be this good! 

Our Sampling System makes it easy to help them get a taste of our “golden juice,” but we noticed 2 things happening with the initial program as launched. First, some Customers didn’t know when their sample would arrive, creating some anxiety around waiting or missing the delivery. Second, with Coaches not knowing exactly when that sample was arriving to their prospect, they weren’t able to effectively follow up in a timely manner.

They say “the fortune is in the follow-up,” and to empower you and further improve an already-successful program, we’ve launched Tracking & Alerts on all ZipSlim® Sample shipments sent through the Beyond Slim® Mobile App.Tracking Highlights

With this new USPS tracking functionality you’ll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Get alerts when your sample ships along with estimated arrival date so you can communicate to your prospect
  • Be alerted in the case of weather or other shipping delays that might change your sample’s arrival date
  • Check the real-time status of your sample shipment at any time in the Business section of your App

PLUS, we’ve added all-new follow-up prompts that give you a message to send each prospect at key times:

  • When the sample is ordered
  • When the sample has been sent
  • When the sample has been delivered

These timely prompts help you keep your potential customer engaged and excited!

Log into your App today and start sharing!

Simply Track your sent Samples in your Beyond Slim® Mobile App

New Tools & Content Highlights!

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