Holiday Shopping Cash? Yes, Please!

Send Samples and Get a Jump on Holiday Shopping

The Beyond Slim® Mobile App makes it simple to share images, videos, links, and Samples at the tap of a button. And with our “2 a Day. 10 in Play.” system, the foundation of your business is the simple daily activity of finding 2 new people a day with whom you make a connection to share about Beyond Slim®.

Now, we’re making it even more rewarding to send ZipSlim Samples from the app, by giving you a chance to win from $350 in Amazon Gift Card reward!

1 Grand Prize drawing winner will win a $250 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month. We’ll ALSO be having an early bird drawing at our Fall Launch Event for an additional $100 Amazon Gift Card – but you need to be on the event LIVE to win!

How it works:
Simply send samples from your Beyond Slim® App and earn a drawing entry for every 3 samples you send October 1-31, 2021. To win the “Early Bird” drawing at the Fall Launch event, you must be present on Zoom or Facebook Live at the Virtual Event to win.

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