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Being successful as a Beyond Slim® Coach is simple. It takes work to be sure, and your effort determines your results, but the actual activity it takes to begin growing can be explained in a very simple way: Sharing & Caring.

What is Sharing & Caring?

Well, when we talk about Sharing, we’re talking simply about introducing others to Beyond Slim® and ZipSlim® in a thoughtful and intentional way. You’ll see more results taking the time to craft a thoughtful message, including a tool or link relevant to what you know about that person or their individual goals, than you will if you copy/paste some “salesy” message and text blast your entire phone contacts list. Have them purchase a sample so that they get to experience the product if they want to do that before purchasing – our App makes it so easy!

Here’s where the Caring starts. While some of your contacts may simply decide to become a Customer from that first message (and if so, let us know what you did!), but generally it takes a few contacts before somebody makes a purchasing decision. Maybe they want to try their sample first or they have some questions, or want to see a little more information about our Metabolic Reboot Program. By simply taking care of your contacts you are providing value, and that goes farther than anything. Be the person who cares about their health, not the person who has something to sell, and you will see your results follow.

If you saw Ray Faltinsky’s recent CEO Message, you heard him put it so simply when he underscored the difference between “selling & telling” and “Sharing & Caring.” And now, we’re making it even more rewarding for you…

Share. Care. Win an iPad Air!

We are so excited about the possibilities when you get good at Sharing & Caring, and when you do it as part of our 2 a Day, 10 in Play daily activity, that we’re adding some additional incentives!

We’re giving away a NEW iPad Air in your choice of color for a drawing winner – and all it takes to enter is sending samples via the Beyond Slim Mobile App.

Earn 1 Drawing Entry for every 5 Samples you sent. That’s it!

Samples must be sent via the Beyond Slim Mobile App between July 10-31. First prize is iPad Air 4th Generation, 64gb, winner’s choice of color. Winners drawn at random.

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