“Steps to Silver” with Sarah Cranston

3 Tips from our First Silver Influencer 1

One of the highlights of our recent Spring Launch Event was the celebration of our first-ever Silver Influencer 1, Sarah Cranston.

Our own Coach Raynes took some time at the event to ask Sarah what key steps she took to achieve this milestone new title, and what others looking to follow in her footsteps should focus on. Check out the full interview in the video below, and read her top 3 tips here.

Tip #1:
Work Harder On Yourself Than You Do On Your Business

As hard as it might be, especially for women and mom, Sarah says, it’s important to put yourself first. Make it a priority to do the things that bring you joy and help you grow. If you’re having a hard week, slow down and read a book, take a bubble bath, buy yourself fresh flowers. Doing something kind for yourself can change your whole outlook and bring you joy. People are attracted to joy, and they will be attracted to you and your business if you’re feeling bubbly from within.

Tip #2:
Be Brave Enough to Be Vulnerable

Don’t be afraid to go public with your goals, your challenges, your struggles and your victories. If you don’t put it out there and announce your new journey to your circle, Sarah says, you’ll never know how many people are in your corner. Give others permission to take care of you and support you and the struggle you’re really having. If you don’t share where you’re coming from, people can’t choose the same for themselves.

Tip #3:
Don’t Waste Time Staring Up the Steps; Take Time Stepping Up the Stairs

Focus on that first step and just take it! In the context of your growth as a Beyond Slim® Coach, that means simply focusing on getting your ZipSlim® for free. Once you have that done, set your sights on Influencer 1 and Influencer 2. Since Influencer 2 can be achieved with 12 Customers, Sarah and her team have a saying, “Get your dozen done.” They even use a carton of eggs as a visual, filling up an empty carton with an Easter egg with each new Member until they get their dozen done. Great tip that makes it fun, and turns the staircase into an escalator.

Watch the Full Interview

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