“Flip the Switch” in 2021 with a NEW Animated Video!

It’s never been easier to show people how to turn their metabolism “ON” with ZipSlim®!

What if losing weight were as easy as flipping on a light switch? What if your body had a simple little cellular switch that controls whether you burn food for energy, or store it as fat.

Well, your body actually does have this switch – it’s only recently been discovered; and if you need to lose 30 pounds or more, then there’s a good chance that it’s switched off in your cells.

This switch is called AMPK. It’s a little enzyme that helps regulate your metabolism – and we all have it.

It’s time to reboot your metabolism, reactivate your AMPK, and reclaim the body you want, with a stunning new breakthrough called ZipSlim®!

ZipSlim® is a delicious drink, formulated by one of America’s leading weight loss doctors. Just drink it twice a day, before your two biggest meals, to flip your AMPK switch back on. ZipSim’s powerful nutrients are clinically proven to help you lose three times more weight than diet and exercise alone.

* Fifty overweight people (BMI 28-36) using a key ingredient in ZipSlim®, along with a lower calorie diet (1,350 calories for women/1,850 calories for men), lost 30 pounds in just 13 weeks, compared to just 10 pounds for those following the lower calorie diet alone.

Watch here, or at http://vimeo.com/gobeondslim/fliptheswitch/
Also now live on your Coach site at “zipslim.info/username”
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