Your Virtual Event Speaker Guide

Tips to help you shine when you’re speaking online

First of all, a big THANK YOU for giving us your time on an upcoming Virtual Event. Creating a sense of community and connection is so important to our values as a company, and being able to create these connections virtually from around the country serve to bring us closer together.

As you may have seen, we often take segments from our Virtual Events and redistribute them as promotional or training content (for example, our Influencer Insights series). We want to make sure that you look and sound your best, so we have prepared some helpful tips to follow as you get ready for your next event.


Set Your Background… or Hide it!

  • Location. Location. Location!
    • Take some time to think about where you will be for this call. If you have a dedicated space where you do your video calls, give yourself a nice and neat background. A solid wall is never a bad move. A nice bookshelf or wall art is also great especially if it speaks to who you are and tells the viewer something about you. 
  • “What is that back there?…”
    • If you have a messy background or something that’s just distracting like your bed, your pets, your children running around, or a busy coffee shop, consider using a virtual background or even investing in a simple pop-up background for your office. 
    • It’s also important to avoid a big bright window or light behind you, as this will cause you to appear backlit, or very dark and hard to see at all.
  • Virtual Reality
    • If you’re using a virtual background, find something simple and clean. Don’t put yourself on the moon or at a baseball game unless the event truly calls for it. There are numerous free Zoom backgrounds available online, or free programs you can use to make one. If you have some PowerPoint skills, one simple way is to make a slide in PowerPoint and save it as a .PNG.
  • Smooth Operator
    • If you have to use a phone, place it somewhere fixed and do so horizontally. Even if you have to take the call in a car, place it somewhere so you aren’t holding it/shaking it.

Lights. Camera. Action!

  • Great Investment #1 – Webcam
    • No matter how great your setup is, a bad webcam or poor lighting can undo all those efforts.
    • There are a number of well-rated HD webcams available online that will have you looking sharp and does a great job clipping you out if you have a virtual background.
    • In some cases your laptop or monitor may have an HD camera, but generally you will find better quality and more options with a standalone webcam.
    • Make sure you’re well-framed in the shot. Not too close, and not miles away. We want to see you like we’re having a conversation, not like we’re your dentist. Set your webcam simply at eye level.
    • Shop for Webcams with companies like Logitech, or check out top picks from review sites like TechRadar
  • Great Investment #2 – Light
    • As we talked about above, you certainly don’t want to be backlit. One way to ensure this is to invest in a light. Some Webcams include a light, but there are also man companies like LumeCube that make a small one which packs plenty of light. There are many ring lights available online as well, you may have even won one in a past Zip 2 It!
    • Shop for a light with companies like Lume Cube, or check out top picks from review sites like Review Geek

Look at Your Camera, Not at Yourself!

  • Steady Eye Contact
    • It’s hard but don’t look at the Zoom window but rather stare right into your camera like you are making eye contact with another person. Because you are, with LOTS of them!
  • Eliminate Distractions
    • Close all other applications on your device, and mute any dings or notifications. If you have WiFi-hogging devices in your home that you can shut off during the call and improve your steam quality, please do so! 
  • Dress the Part!
    • Put yourself together appropriately for the call. Ask the host if there are any requests for what to wear. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with Beyond Slim Gear!
A few small changes can make a BIG difference in how you present yourself at a Virtual Event!


What You Say…

  • Take some time to really think about how what you will say can provide VALUE to people listening. Reach out to the person who invited you and see if they have specific questions they plan to ask, or specific goals for the segment. Focus on 3-5 points you want to get across; if somebody is watching your segment and taking notes, what would you want them to have written in their notepad at the end of your talk?
  • Write down a “cheat sheet” of these key points or quotes you want to make and reference it so you stay close to home. This will also prevent you from “rambling” or going on in hopes you say something profound; once you’re confident you’ve made your point, you’re more likely to wrap it up. People have very short attention spans, so if you are not quick and to the point, your sentence can tend to ramble on, and people forget where you started, and that leads to confusion, and you may find yourself repeating yourself, and you may find yourself repeating yourself, and…. where was I?
  • Know the terms! Another one that sounds simple, but as a new company this may be new to you. We have Coaches, not reps or distributors. We have Titles not ranks. We are Social Referral Marketing® not direct sales or MLM. We have ZipSlim not “the ZipSlim.” 
  • Know the rules! Know what we can and can’t say when it comes to health and income claims. Protect the opportunity for all of us! Check the guidelines out here: Coach Guidelines

What you say it into…

  • Great Investment #3 – Microphone!
  • Just like your camera, your laptop or monitor may have a microphone, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good one. Native microphones, AirPods, Bluetooth headsets, or even connected headphones rarely sound better than an average phone call.
  • There are a number of good microphones online that will have you sounding much more clear, holding attention better on the call, and being much more likely to become immortal in a training video. Some of the most popular microphones are made by Blue and Elgato. Plus, you can check out companies like Poly and Jabra for headsets and accessories, and read reviews from sites like Tech Republic.


  • Your body language, your energy, and your overall mood will be on display, even on a video call. It may be counterintuitive, but without the full weight of your body language or space to use, your facial expressions, your eye contact and energy are vital. 
  • Try not to schedule something immediately before or after the call you are appearing on. People can tell when you’ve just walked in the door from picking up the kids or you have an eye on the clock because dinner is in the oven.
  • Be on the whole call! This should go without saying, but if you are talking in the second half of an event, people will be able to tell if you didn’t watch the first half. You might say something another speaker said already, and without referencing that, it shows you aren’t there with them. You also may be able to strengthen your content by building on or crediting a prior speaker’s talk. 
  • Prepare! Test all of this out ahead of time. Hop on a Zoom with a friend and test your lighting, test your background, ask them how you sound, and get it dialed in. This is your business, the better you look and the better you feel, the better you will do.
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