Congratulations ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag Winners

The April activity turned into some serious May momentum, as new all-time highs were set throughout our wonderful community of Beyond Slim® Coaches including first-ever Silver Influencer 6 Sarah Cranston and brand-new Silver Influencers 2 Barb & Jeff Richards!

We were also thrilled to help the individuals below stay cool this Summer thanks to the ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag they just won as part of our Zip 2 It promotion!

Want to be like them in June?… Here is your action plan for success: Make “2 a Day, 10 in Play” your daily activity plan, maximize the June Call Calendar, and join us on Side Hustle Saturday June 5th.

ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag Winners

Amy Beatty
Angela Fowler
Ashley Mulrooney
Barb & Jeff Richards
Becky Sells
Becky Spieth
Bobby Fraley Jr.
Bobby Schmeltzer
Danielle Miller
Derek Buckalew
Heather Peer
Jessica Paul
Joy Edgerton
Joseph Gleissner
Kim Adams
Leslie Browning
Lindsey Sulser
Lisa Fest
Lori Dutton
Margie Kuhn
Melissa Sambiagio
Melissa Sinclair
Sarah Cranston
Sheri Buckalew
Tee Lytle
Tori Tatman
Congratulations Zip 2 It Qualifiers!
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