Hey You, Cool It… And Zip 2 It!

Win a ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag for Summer!

The Summer Slimdown is here, and it’s only heating up! If you want to keep your cool, and keep your ZipSlim® cool anywhere you go, this cooler tote bag is for YOU!

You’ll be shining bright with this golden tote to perfectly match your Golden Juice. That’s right, you can enjoy a chilled Blackberry Lemonade anywhere you go with plenty of room for water, snacks, and more! A long strap makes for stylish ease, and the ZipSlim® logo tells the world you care about being Fitter, Healthier, and Happier.

Take action by the end of May – Zip 2 It to earn your ZipSlim® Cooler Tote Bag!

Promotion Period May 16-31, 2021
Enroll 2 new Subscribe & Save Members and win a ZipSlim Cooler Bag.
New Members must join with a 1-month supply of ZipSlim® (2 bags) on Subscribe & Save between May. 16-31, 2021.

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