Congrats to our latest Zip 2 It Qualifiers!

The Coaches who drank up the opportunity to earn a motivational water jug will be thrilled to see their names below. Way to go qualifying in this Zip 2 It promotion and taking home a prize or two! Remember, your qualifying new Members must remain on Subscribe & Save through the end of June production to earn your reward.

Keep it going in June with our Share. Care. Win an iPad Air! promotion, and our latest Zip 2 It just announced, the chance to win a first-edition baseball cap! Check out the June Call Calendar to make your action plan.

2 Water Jug Qualifiers

Heather Peer
Michael Hurst
Tori Lynn

1 Water Jug Qualifiers

AJ Conrad
Angela Fowler
Ashley Mulrooney
Barb Richards
Ilene Cohn Reichman
Jane Hill
Jerry Roff
Joy Edgerton
Kathleen Ernette
Katie Hale
Kim Adams
Melissa Sinclair
Misty Sellars
Sarah Cranston
Tee Lytle

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