Pop That Collar for These Polo Qualifiers!

Congrats to our latest Zip 2 It Qualifiers!

We pop our collar for you… and we’ll send you one of your own soon! Congrats to these “twenty-fore” Coaches who took action in June to earn this awesome Zip 2 It reward.

Beyond Slim Sport Polo Qualifiers – Congrats!

Andrea Wilson
Angela Fowler
Barbara Richards
Becky Sells
Betsey Schmeltzle
Chris Courtright
Debbie Waliky
Donna Ahern
Freddie Charlton
Gary Griffith
Ilene Cohn Reichman
Jaime Arias
Jenna Eldred
Jerry Roff
Jessica Paul
John Spieth
Kim Adams
Linda Edwards
Lindsay Sulser
Nicole Green
Becky Spieth
Sarah Cranston
Stacie Wilson
Tori Tatman
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