Turn It up to 11 for These Winners!

Congratulations to these Zip 2 It Qualifiers!

Pump up the volume for these winners, who have qualified for a Bluetooth Speaker in our latest Zip 2 It promotion.

While you’re congratulating them, take a minute to share their success with somebody you know. Every time you share a tool through the Beyond Slim Mobile App in August, you are one step closer to earning a new pair or AirPods Pro!

Plus, our new Zip 2 It contest can earn you up to 500 Custom Business Cards! Use our August Call Calendar to make your plan for success.

2 Bluetooth Speaker Qualifiers – Congrats!

Becky Spieth
Freddie Charlton
Gary Griffith
Jessica Paul
Joy Edgerton
Lisa Dinkel
Mapu Dilliner

1 Bluetooth Speaker Qualifiers – Congrats!

Betsey Schmeltzle
Doug Ware
Jenna Eldred
Katie Hale
Lauren Stout
Margie Kuhn
Melissa Sinclair
Sarah Cranston
Sheri Buckalew
Stacie Wilson
Stanley Gillett
Terren Alejado
Tori Tatman
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