Zip 2 It Business Card Qualifiers

Hand it to these winners, who’ll be handing out new biz cards!

Congratulations to our latest Zip 2 It Qualifiers below who took action in August to earn new custom business cards.

If you didn’t make the list, or just want to order some more, visit the Business Card Studio any time at

500 Business Card Qualifiers

Donna Ahern
Freddie Charlton
Joy Edgerton
Linda Edwards
Mapu Dilliner
Patricia Oshiro
Becky Spieth
Terren Alejado

250 Business Card Qualifiers

Angela Fowler
Angela Spicer
Cindy Burton
Denise Johnson
Gary Griffith
Julie Smith
Lisa Dinkel
Mitzi Appodaca
Pua Nahaku
Robin Lewin
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