An Exclusive Insider Event

JOIN US September 21-24, 2023

Your 4-day, 3-night, luxury vacation awaits! A 5-star experience begins the moment you step foot into the Insider Welcome Mixer.  As an Insider, you’ll join us for an exclusive new flavor tasting and a grand tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Reboot 66 challenge groups, the inside scoop on our new product launch, one-on-one time with Beyond Slim top leaders, and of course a formal dinner to celebrate your accomplishment. 

Qualify by the end of July to join the fun! 

BONUS: VIP Day of Indulgence

A chance to earn Spa Cash! 

Winners can qualify for Spa Cash to use for a VIP Day of Indulgence!

  1. Earn $50 Spa Cash for enrolling at least 10 new S&S Members each month May, June and July.  A total of $150 can be earned!
  2. Earn $50 Spa Cash for your net increase in Personally Enrolled Influencer Legs (PEIL) from May 1 through the end of July.  Net increase will be calculated by subtracting your PEIL at the end of April from your PEIL at the end of July.   Up to $500 can be earned.

    Example:  You have 3 PEIL at the end of April.  At the end of July you have 6.  You have a Net Increase of 3 so you will earn $150 Spa Cash to use at the event.

Who Can Attend*

  • All Paid as Silver Influencer 3s and higher in the month of July will qualify, and
  • The top 3 Coaches, below Silver Influencer 3, with the most new S&S Coach enrollments will be invited, and
  • The top 3 Coaches, below Silver Influencer 3, with the most new S&S Customer enrollments will be invited, and
  • All Coaches, below Silver Influencer 3, who enroll at least 10 new S&S members in May, June and July (must be all 3 months), will be put into a drawing and three winners will be randomly selected.

*In the case of a tie, winner will be decided by organizational points.

Qualification Dates:
05/01/23 - 07/31/23

Days left to qualify:


Insider Exclusives

Welcome Mixer & Team Time

Manufacturing Tour & Sneak-Peeks

Insider Indulgence Experience

Formal Dinner & After Party

Insider Weekend
Schedule of Events:





Qualify by
JULY 31, 2023


Park City Leaderboard

Stay up to date on where you stand by checking back here every Monday. Final standings will be posted after the promotion ends in July. The Standings Gap lets you know how many enrollments away you are from being in the Top 3 for that week. Keep up the good work! We look forward to seeing you in Park City.

*Ranking listed below is an update on standings, not a final qualification for the event. If enrollments are tied, ranking will be based on volume.

Last Updated: June 5, 2023

Top 10 S&S Coach Enrollers

Rank # Name Standings Gap
1 Lisa Tarr 0
2 Meagan Anderson 0
3 Michelle Matuniak 0
4 Aubree Hibbs -2
5 Angie Austin -2
6 Bryan Adams -3
7 Aimi Dutra -3
8 Sara Stradling -4
9 Morgan Stolley -4
10 Kiley Shafer -5

Top 10 S&S Customer Enrollers

Rank # Name Standings Gap
1 Morgan Stolley 0
2 Kristen Youmans 0
3 Aimi Dutra 0
4 Meagan Anderson -13
5 Michael Beal -17
6 Lisa Jennings -22
7 Caitlin Nedimyer -35
8 Michelle Matuniak -37
9 Aubree Hibbs -39
10 Emily Berkman -39