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Our Blackberry Lemonade mix is the delicious way to lose 3 times more weight*, reduce cravings, and help you combat Metabolic Overload, the leading cause of mid-life weight gain. Simply mix in water and enjoy twice a day as the foundation of your health routine.

Reboot 66 Program

Our commitment to your success goes beyond our incredible products alone. That’s why we have scientifically crafted a complete Metabolic Reboot® to help you build healthy habits for lasting and sustainable results. Get the guide and 30 healthy and delicious recipes FREE with your first purchase!


We innovate in all areas, and that’s why we have created an entirely new distribution model called Social Referral Marketing® to reward people like you who make our mission possible. Learn how you can create a rewarding side-hustle simply by sharing your healthy lifestyle journey and inviting others to join you.

Together We Can Change Lives!

We’re proud to support Vitamin Angels, a global public health and nutrition organization, working to improve the health of underserved women and children in over 65 countries around the world, including all 50 U.S. states. Together, we’re ensuring every mother has a healthy pregnancy and every child gets a chance at a healthy life.