Before to BEYOND Stories

At Beyond Slim®, our mission is simple: To help millions of people become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier.

There is no finish line when it comes to your health; that’s why instead of “before and after” stories… we celebrate “Before to BEYOND Stories.” 

We’re proud to celebrate the success stories of the remarkable people below, and invite you to create and share your own story with us.

Craving Crusher

When I started taking ZipSlim, I was having issues keeping my cravings under control in-between …

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More Strength and Stamina for the Holidays

ZipSlim is a life changer for me. I love the holiday time of year when …

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From Pain-Filled Days to Days of Promise

I used to be in agony and could barely get through the day. Now, I …

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Hopeless to Happy

Last year, just a few months after turning 60, I was in full blown self …

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Becoming the best version of myself ♥️

I started drinking Beyond Slim’s ZipSlim 6 months ago and before I started, I had …

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Don’t Wait For Your Wake Up Call

I am a wife, a mom, a teacher by profession, and typical individual. If you’re …

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Loving the “New Me”

My Name is Linda, and this is my Before to Beyond Story… I have struggled …

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Desperate to Relieved

I just turned 60 and I weighed more than I ever have in my life, …

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From Not Today to Why Not Today

Less than a year ago, I was depressed, overweight and unhealthy. The weight impacted me the …

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“Finding my Groove”

Before I started drinking ZipSlim, I was tired, over weight, snacked all day and was …

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Getting a healthier heart

I have always been a healthy eater but could not find the time to move …

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Small but steady progress and results for life!

My “Before” was someone tired and frustrated of trying about everything that came in my …

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