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Changing the World

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Legacy Leadership

Changing the World

Meet our Legacy Leaders

These incredible leaders are paving the way for Beyond Slim to bless millions of lives!

We’re on a mission to change the world and together live fitter, healthier, happier lives.

As Seen On:

Tara Morgan

“I was drawn to Beyond Slim because the average person can come in and make income because of the lucrative personal commissions!"

– Tara

Shelbi Kautzsch

“I'm blessed to have come across ZipSlim because I now have the opportunity to share it with others and not only help them mentally and physically, but also help them financially!

It is possible to be humble & hustle!”

- Shelbi

Holly Foley

“I love ZipSlim because the product is an all-around feel-good product that is going to help my customers and me lose inches and feel great.”

– Holly

Layce McMullen

"I was first drawn to Beyond Slim by the taste of the product, then the benefits blew me away, but last and definitely not least, the company has been so generous and strategic in how they’ve set up our comp plan and how we can truly help everyone win here. To me, that’s GOLD as that was the number 1 reason I have walked away from massive organization and pay because the bottom partners were not winning. THIS IS HOME.

– Layce

Legacy Leaders