Legacy Leadership Candidates​

Changing the World

Meet our LLC’s Legacy Leader Candidates!

These incredible leaders are paving the way for Beyond Slim to bless millions of lives!

We’re on a mission to change the world and together live fitter, healthier, happier lives.

Corteney Covert

Cortney has built teams of over 10,000 members, has over $23 million in lifetime team sales, and has been a six figure income earner during her direct sales experience. She loves how ZipSlim gives her focus and clarity. Expertise: Social Media Engagement, Attraction Marketing, and finding/developing MLM Rockstars.

Carol Fuizzotti

Carol has over 20 years experience organizing events and leading/training hundreds of volunteers. She is passionate about ZipSlim and saw it’s benefits first hand when she became a Reboot 66 Challenge winner. Expertise: Servant Leadership, Event Organization

Joy Edgerton

Joy has developed numerous large teams with previous companies resulting in a six figure income. Joy saw such a huge transformation after using ZipSlim to lose weight that she became a Reboot 66 Challenge winner and has coached numerous challenge winners since. She is a certified personal trainer and transformational life coach. Expertise: Fitness, Reboot Challenge, and working as a team.

Kathleen Ernette

Kathleen has over 35 years healthcare experience and was one of the first coaches to join Beyond Slim. She has coached numerous Reboot 66 winners and is the creator of Sundays at Six and Think T.H.I.N. Thursdays at Three

Lynelle Calewarts

Lynelle was top 5 in the nation for Sales and Recruiting with her previous company where she received the Consistency Award monthly and Leadership award yearly. Expertise: Recruiting, Sales, Leadership

Marcella Kvick

Marcella has been in the top 1% in multiple direct sales companies and had annual team sales over $5M, resulting in a consistent six figure income. In addition, she has helped numerous team members earn six figure incomes as well. Expertise: Recruiting, Leadership Development

Sarah Johnson

Sarah has led teams of over 800 in multiple companies and has been recognized as top 4 in the US. She has developed master classes in social influencing and just started her own beauty company. Sarah was sold on ZipSlim once she experienced significant improvement in her mood, focus, and memory. Expertise: Social Selling, Business Strategy