Virtual Launch Event

Fresh Start February

Product Launch In:



We are so excited to announce the Fresh Start February Virtual Event! Join this interactive and value-packed event starting January 30th with a Coach exclusive product preview, continuing through February 10th, 2024! Take your business to the next level by receiving specialized training, being a part of the new product launch, 2023 recognition, and so much more!

Tuesday, January 30
5pm PT

Coaches’ Kickoff Preview
Monday, February 5
4pm PT

Special CEO Update
Thursday, February 8th
1pm- 4:30pm PT

30 min. deep dives and specialized trainings
Friday, February 9th
5pm – 8pm PST

Awards night & Recognition
Saturday, February 10th
10am-12pm PT

Launch Day
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*Schedule subject to change.

What to Expect

Specialized Deep Dives: Tailored topics and strategies designed to propel your business forward. Click here to see the sessions. 

Recognition Galore: We will celebrate and recognize the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of all that go above and beyond. See who is getting recognized and for what, click here.

New Launches: Get ready, we have some amazing things up our sleeve that will be a game changer!

Center Stage Showcase: Hear from CEO, Ray Faltinsky, VP of Sales, Rachel Kellogg, Dr. Mark Drucker, and from the top leaders.

Awards Night & Party: Dress up and let’s make this a grand affair! Get together with your local Beyond Slim Coaches and have a party. Dress up, grab a cocktail, turn your camera on, and let’s have a good time!  

All coach-only meetings will take place on our zoom and live streamed into the Beyond Slim FB Coaches Group. Saturday, Launch Day, will also take place on zoom and live streamed onto our main FB Page @GoBeyondSlim. If our zoom maxes out, please tune in on Facebook for the live streams.

Coaches' Launch Preview

Tuesday, January 30th
5:00PM PT

Learn about our newest product before everyone else!

Join us for our first ever Coaches Kickoff Preview! Discover how our newest product can catapult you to Influencer 6 and beyond.


Hit Influencer 6 in January 2024 and receive a special Product Preview Sneak Peek before the event!


Monday, February 5th
4:00PM PT

A Special Message

Join CEO Ray Faltinsky for a state of the company review, and top leader new product testimonials! You don’t want to miss the kickoff to an amazing week!

Specialized Trainings

Thursday, February 8th

*This gives us valuable insight on topic demand

Thursday 1-4:30pm PT

Launching Your Business Into 2024

Starting at: 1PM PT / 2PM MT / 3PM CT / 4PM ET

Let’s kick off the event with specialized training sessions on topics we’ve researched and crafted to help take your business to the next level. 


Join us on OR in our Coaches Facebook Group

Learn From the Best!

Ray Faltinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Kellogg

Vice President of Sales

Shelley Watson

Sr. Director Sales & Marketing

Dr. Mark Drucker

MD, Panel Advisor

1:00-1:30PM PT
Reboot 66

Reboot 66 is the heartbeat of your customer retention. Come hear about how we are elevating this program to work for you and your customers in 2024 and beyond.

2:00-2:30PM PT
Road to Influencer 6

Learn how to build and lead your own team while earning your golden ticket to the San Diego Leadership Summit!

⁠⁠3:00-3:30PM PT
Sales and Backoffice Preview

Maximizing the Beyond Slim value proposition & your bottom line, and a sneak peak at our new back office system! This is the first time it will be seen!


4:00-4:30PM PT
Product Training with Founder & CEO, Ray Faltinsky and Dr. Drucker

The Beyond Slim Difference! Learn directly from Ray and Dr. Drucker on why Beyond Slim products are so different and effective!


FRIDAY, February 9th
5:00PM PT


Launching your business into 2024

5PM PT / 6PM MT / 7PM CT / 8PM ET

Join us for a radiant evening where we’ll honor and celebrate those who’ve truly gone above and beyond. We encourage you to get together with local Coaches, dress up, turn your cameras on, and join the party! 

Hear from Ray Faltinsky and Rachel Kellogg, recognizing our top 10 in each category, and crowning the queens in each court! 


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Court of Sales
$40K in personal sales in 2023 makes you a qualifier!
Court of Team Building
Add 40 new coaches who qualified for Beyond Bucks in 2023 and you qualify!
Court of Leadership (Organizational Volume for Silver+)
We will recognize the following Milestone categories for all high title Silver and above:


Beyond Heart
All four quarterly winners will be recognized and one will be crowned our Beyond Heart Queen for 2023!

Having a viewing party?

If you’d like to host a local awards party, we’d like to suggest creating a Facebook Event and drop an invite into the Coaches Group so people can see where parties are being hosted. 

Launch Day

Saturday, February 10th
10:00AM PT

SATURDAY 10am-12pm PT

10AM PT / 11AM MT / 12PM CT / 1PM ET

We couldn’t be more excited for the biggest launch in Beyond Slim history!


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Reboot 66

Fitter. Healthier. Happier.

Join us for the biggest product launch in Beyond Slim history!  We can’t keep it a secret much longer… We’re bursting with excitement! 

This product is a complete game-changer, supports your Reboot 66, appeals to a new audience, and is bound to make history. Be sure to invite all your customers to this announcement!

This launch is for everyone.

We are very excited to unveil the revolutionary transformation and upgrade of Reboot 66 with fresh content, more prizes, a fully upgraded experience, and a clear roadmap for the future of this program.

We’ve carefully crafted the new Reboot 66 with creating a supportive community as the forefront of our intention. The elevated Reboot 66 program has a new approach that gives a home to everyone no matter where they are on their journey.

RSVP here!

Training sessions are an optional RSVP. Must RSVP to be recognized during Awards Night.