Beyond Slim Leadership
Summit 2024

Elevate Your Leadership Journey in Sunny San Diego!

Welcome to the exciting announcement of our Leadership Summit Incentive Trip – an exclusive opportunity for our top achievers to bask in the sun at a stunning San Diego resort! Immerse yourself in a 4-day and 3-night experience designed to hone your leadership skills, foster connections with fellow Beyond Slim leaders, have fun, and rejuvenate by the ocean. 
This trip is decked out with a welcome reception, brunch, leadership development training, skill building, beach activities, and, of course, a Cinco de Mayo party! We can’t wait for you to join us. 

Qualify in 1 of 3 ways:

All qualifiers will receive delicious meals, access to the exclusive party, and enjoy beachside activities.

Option 1: Be a Legacy Leader in good standing:

Option 1 earns:

  • Receive a $500 flight credit

  • Relax in a private room (cost covered)

  • Satisfy your hunger with delicious paid meals


Option 2: Be a Paid-As Influencer 6 or higher each month in January, February and March 2024;


Option 3:  Be a Paid-As Silver 3 or higher in March 2024

Options 2 and 3 earn:

  • Room-sharing experience at the luxury resort (cost covered)

  • Savor select delicious meals (on us)

Qualification Dates:
1/01/24 - 03/31/24

Days left to qualify:


Hone your leadership skills, foster connections, and rejuvenate!

Skill Development




WHat to Expect:

San Diego, a coastal gem, bathed in sunshine, vibrant culture, endless beaches, and adventures. As a destination for our Leadership Summit Incentive Trip, imagine yourself in luxury accommodations, by the beach, in one of the most sought after destinations for travelers. San Diego is home to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and the lively Gaslamp Quarter. Join us in May for incredible memories, growth, and connection.

Skill Development​

Delve into sessions focused on developing the skills required to be a true leader who leaves a lasting legacy.


Connect with other Beyond Slim leaders, gain insights from valuable training, and mingle with the Beyond Slim corporate team.


Unwind by the ocean and elevate your leadership journey through insider tips and team-building activities.


Let’s celebrate your accomplishments together at our Cinco de Mayo Party!

Qualify by
March 31, 2024


Park City Leaderboard

Stay up to date on where you stand by checking back here every Monday. Final standings will be posted after the promotion ends in July. The Standings Gap lets you know how many enrollments away you are from being in the Top 3 for that week. Keep up the good work! We look forward to seeing you in Park City.

*Ranking listed below is an update on standings, not a final qualification for the event. If enrollments are tied, ranking will be based on volume.

Last Updated: February 5, 2024

winners in each category!

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