Ray Faltinsky

CEO Message–March 2024

RSN™: A Historic Launch!

Dear Friends,

February 10th at 10:10 am Pacific Time, we took a giant step toward fulfilling our mission of helping millions of people become fitter, healthier, and happier! That date and time marked the official launch of our latest innovation, RSN™ Radiant Sleep Nightly. RSN is our dreamy cocoa-flavored nightly drink mix, with cutting-edge ingredients scientifically researched to help promote relaxation and more restful sleep while at the same time supporting healthier hair, more youthful skin, and stronger nails.

I believe RSN will have a profound impact on our business for many reasons:

It addresses two of the most important issues where consumers are looking for answers: 1. How can they get better, deeper, more restful sleep; and 2. What can they do to make themselves look younger, especially their skin, hair, and nails.

The science of RSN is outstanding!

The research on the ingredients in RSN is backed by dozens and dozens of studies showing remarkable improvements in falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and experiencing a deep and more relaxing sleep. Plus, the beauty component ingredients show dramatic improvements in wrinkle depth, skin moisture, radiance, and firmness; improved hair shine, volume, and health; and stronger, thicker, healthier nails. You’ll legitimately feel like a sleeping beauty!

RSN provides instant results for improvements in sleep and noticeable beauty benefits in as little as 30 days! And, with daily use will continue to improve over time!

The taste is delicious! Consumers love the dreamy cocoa flavor simply mixed with water but are also trying creative ways to mix RSN with coconut, almond, or other milks for a truly decadent experience!

The reports from our consumers are flying in and we’re hearing nothing but amazing testimonials on improvements in sleep quality and even some early reports of beauty benefits! Just wait until our customers are using the products for 30, 60, and 90 days! Fasten your seatbelts!

There is no product in the marketplace like RSN! It’s a true original and can’t be copied because of our proprietary blends and trade secrets.

Sleep and beauty are undeniably huge and growing markets. According to the Sleep Foundation, 35% of adults in the US experience sleep challenges. And, the US anti-aging market was valued at $18 billion in 2022 and is predicted to hit $34 billion by 2032. So, we are addressing a need that consumers want desperately!

We have something very, very special with RSN. I believe RSN will be a major reason we have another record year with Beyond Slim in 2024 and bring us closer to our goal of helping millions of people become fitter, healthier and happier.

I encourage you to share RSN far and wide with all your customers and prospects. When we look back a year from now, I believe February 10th at 10:10 am Pacific Time will be looked back on as a historic moment for Beyond Slim and for your business as well!

With gratitude,


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