Changes from within!

Boozhoo! My name is Kris and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I started this product because I was looking for something to help with energy, fatigue and of course weight loss. I am also T2 diabetic and wanted to get off my diabetes medication. I’ve tried pretty much every product out there in […]

Happier and Healthier

My name is Sarah, and this is my before beyond story. I was feeling super tired all the time, unhappy with my body and just unmotivated! I learned about beyond slim from instagram! I am feeling so much better with myself especially that I am seeing results. I’m down 10 pounds! I have tried many […]

Balancing My Healthier Self

My Name Is Sonja, and this is my Before to Beyond Story… Before I was just moving the motions of day to day , grief and stress just leading me to eat unhealthy and not care , Since my friend introduced me to ZipSlim, I have had better days emotionally, I’ve had better Sleep, it […]

This works

My name is Sam Strohl and I started ZipSlim to lose weight and get feeling better. So far it has been absolutely fantastic. I have gone from 330 lbs to 265 in 10 months. My goal is 210 and I know I’m going to reach it. Imagine if I start eating right!! I went from […]

I never thought I would sleep like this again in my life.

My name is Cindy, and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I’m bipolar and I’ve had weight issues all my life but have never been morbidly obese until several years ago. In my 30’s I started having health and mental problems. I’m was diagnosed bipolar in 2016. I ha a tendency to be more […]

Fit mom

My name is Jenna Moseley, and this is my Before to Beyond Story… I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight. About 8.5 years ago I was at my absolute biggest.. a whole 260 lbs. I am currently 33 years old with 2 girls (7&5) and I am 4’11”. So being massively overweight I couldn’t keep […]

Fitter and Healthier

My name is Jerrica and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I started and within a few days I instantly saw changes!! I lost 8 pounds my first two weeks! The inflammation in my fingers went down and my joint pain went away! I have energy and every morning I crave my drink. There’s […]

From Feeling Drab to Feeling Fab!

My name is Jamie and this is my story of Before to Beyond….I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable and I was running out of clothes that would fit me. I knew I needed to make a change. I had seen a couple of my friends posting pictures on their facebook pages and I finally asked […]

Retired but still working running a business so I’m tired.

My name is Barbara I’m 63. I retired from the post office 7yrs ago and for the last 23 yrs I’ve also been bartending and I bought the bar 13 yrs ago. So I always seem to be tired , I don’t sleep well, not sure if it’s because of my asthma medicine. I’m up […]

Getting ME back

My name is Khristyna and this is my Before to Beyond story, after having 4 kids my body just didn’t bounce back anymore. For two years I tried everything I could find and nothing showed results. I spent thousands of dollars on supplements trying to find that manic blend and never found it. Until one […]

Getting my pink back

My name is Jennie, and this is my beyond story. I was tired of being tired. As a mom of 5 with our oldest being 21 and our youngest being 3 I needed something to change. Did I mention I was also starting the “change” I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been with zero energy which […]