Retired but still working running a business so I’m tired.

My name is Barbara, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

My name is Barbara I’m 63. I retired from the post office 7yrs ago and for the last 23 yrs I’ve also been bartending and I bought the bar 13 yrs ago.

So I always seem to be tired , I don’t sleep well, not sure if it’s because of my asthma medicine. I’m up all night and love to snack. My parents live next door and have some health issues so I help them whenever they need me. I started taking ZipSlim about a month ago and it seems to help some with my sleep and my night time eating. I’m trying to get on a regular schedule with it because it seems to help. I have finally started seeing some results.

Kelly Heffner introduced me to the product. She has inspired me to do this..

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Before to Beyond Stories