Changes from within!

My name is Kris, and this is my Before to Beyond Story…

Boozhoo! My name is Kris and this is my Before to Beyond Story. I started this product because I was looking for something to help with energy, fatigue and of course weight loss. I am also T2 diabetic and wanted to get off my diabetes medication. I’ve tried pretty much every product out there in my search to get healthier. I would commit to a product for at least 3 months and the last one I took consistently for a year. I wanted to make sure I didn’t expect instant results because I was told the stacking benefits improved each month. Eventually I would stop and try the next product, then the next, then the next. I spent YEARS (and $$$$) of trying the next promising product.

In November a FB post caught my interest. I had been following the journey of another person and was amazed and the results she has seen and her customers. I valued her posts because she also focused on eating healthy, exercise and the importance of making sustainable healthy changes.

I am so glad I decided to give another product a try. But this just isn’t any product. This is a system of change. A system that I can incorporate into my daily life of becoming healthier and fitter. I loved how it includes the daily rituals that will assist me on my journey!

The changes I can visually see (weight and inch loss) are not what I’m most excited about. It’s the changes that you cannot see. I no longer need my granny naps after a long day of work. 😆 But the biggest change I have seen is in my morning blood sugars! THIS is what excites me most about the benefits I have seen so far! I feel so much better waking up in the mornings and the Reboot Rituals have a lot to do with it!

I never had a product work so well in such a short time! Two months of taking ZipSlim and my morning blood sugars have gone from highs in the 150s to my lowest of 96 a few days ago!

The changes from within give me the confidence that I WILL reach my health goals this year! 2023 is MY YEAR!

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