January 2023 CEO Message

Dear Friends,

I could not be more excited for 2023! We just finished the final quarter of 2022, and it was a massive record for Beyond Slim! To give you some context, the 3rd quarter of 2022 (July-Sept) was a very strong quarter for us, but the 4th quarter (October – December) sales were 5X higher! And, all I can say is we are just getting started!

We have something very special with Beyond Slim. ZipSlim is our proprietary, life-changing blackberry lemonade drink mix that is helping so many customers become fitter, healthier and happier! Our trademarked Social Referral Marketing® program is changing the way business is done in direct selling. Out with the old, dysfunctional MLM models that only reward the few; and in with the new, Social Referral Marketing that rewards the 90% who are part-time, and the top 10% who want to earn significant income.  Social Referral Marketing is the future of direct sales and you are the pioneers of this brand-new opportunity.

We have some very big plans for 2023, including a soon to launch “gamification” of our 9 Reboot Rituals that will make our mission to help millions become fitter, healthier and happier, easier and more fun than ever before! We believe this will be a game-changer in the direct selling industry that will broaden our appeal and attract many more customers to Beyond Slim.

There are more surprises and initiatives coming in the New Year that will make it easier and more exciting than ever to share Beyond Slim and create a community of good health and financial success.

I encourage you to set your goals high for 2023! With our momentum and the uniqueness that we bring to the direct selling world, there is no doubt that this will be another record year! So, whether you’ve been with us for a few months, or are brand new, Beyond Slim can help make your dreams come true. Don’t let anyone stop you! Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help you make them happen and assist you along the way. It’s our mission to help millions become fitter, heathier and happier! You just need to make that decision, write down that goal and get to work! We are the vehicle that can take you wherever you want to go!

Happy New Year everyone, and let’s make 2023 our greatest year yet!


Ray Faltinsky
Beyond Slim CEO

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