Business For Home: Industry Leader Shelbi Kautzsch Joins Beyond Slim

A driven and passionate woman by nature, Shelbi Kautzsch started her first business at just 22 years old, and now has not one, but seven businesses. Surprisingly, she still has the passion to do more and help others. Her motivation stems from the love of her family and the desire to leave a legacy for her five children. 

Lacking no ambition, Shelbi found herself on a journey to find a product that would help the masses, with a focus on health and wellness and had a solid reputation in the industry.

An immediate standout was Beyond Slim, a company that was already highly regarded by her peers, had an incredible scientifically backed weight loss product with rave reviews, and aligned with her values. 

Learn more about what convinced Shelbi to join Beyond Slim at Business For Home!

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