CEO Message – August 2023

Dear Friends,

Congratulations!  July is our 11th straight month of double-digit growth.  Beyond Slim continues to break records in every category thanks to you!   In connecting with many of our top leaders over the last few months I have heard the following statement more and more:

“Beyond Slim will be the last business I will ever build.  I have finally found a home.”


It is such a powerful word. 

It reaches across all nationalities and boundaries. 

It signifies a place of safety, a place of comfort, and a place of trust where we can truly be ourselves. 

I remember when I was growing up, whenever I would drive somewhere with my Dad, whether it was from a little league game, the grocery store, or from the car wash, as we drove back home, up our driveway, he would always say these words, “Home Sweet Home.” 

In so many ways….that is our invitation to all of our Coaches and anyone looking for that final build.

  “Come home.” 
Come to “Home Sweet Home”.

If you gave your time and effort to another company, and it didn’t work out…come home, to Beyond Slim.

If you believed that corporate America cared for you, and found out it did not, come home…where people do care.

If you found that a previous direct-selling company was nothing but smoke and mirrors…and a pile of broken promises…don’t give up – COME HOME!

If you were so disillusioned and heartbroken that you thought you could never build a business again because some company stole your dreams and destroyed your trust… come home! 

At Beyond Slim we won’t do that!   We strive to be worthy of your trust, honor your time, and give you a safe place to dream again. 

Our commitment to you is to build a company you can count on, a safe harbor, a place worthy of your trust… a business worthy of coming home to.

Our incredible growth over the last 11 months begs the question, “WHY?” Why is Beyond Slim having such great success while so many other companies are struggling? 

Here are some reasons I believe this is happening:

1. We are mission-driven to serve people. 

I don’t believe there is a company out there that has a more powerful mission statement than ours: 

“To help millions of people become fitter, healthier and happier.” 

As we work together to achieve this objective, we are making an incredible impact to make the world a healthier and happier place.

2. We clearly understand that all of you are volunteers.

You are here because you choose to be here. We welcome thousands of new Coaches and Customers  each month, and it is our responsibility to be worthy of their trust. 

We treat you like family, because you are family!

When people feel that, they want to be a part of it. 

3. Our compensation plan is “Abundance in Action.” 

We believe that without question, we have the most generous compensation program in the industry.  We are the first and only company that truly rewards the 90% who are part-time and the 10% who are big-time!  It brings a big smile to my face that we are rewarding all our Coaches so generously! 

Remember, there are no “little people” in Beyond Slim – only great people, with big dreams, tremendous work ethics, and serving hearts.

4. I believe people are joining us in record numbers because they sense that we are built to last. 

We are quickly becoming a society seeking instant gratification which is often unrewarding. Our society invites us to get things that are quick, easy, instant, and free. 

Yet, we believe there is a deep longing in human beings to be a part of something that is permanent – something that lasts, something that will not go away, and something that matters.

5. The final and most important rule of business to us is, and always will be, the Golden Rule. 

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” 

We are not perfect, but we strive each day to get better and better and better, and live the Golden Rule. 

To all of you who have joined us this past year,

“Welcome home!”

To all of you who have made Beyond Slim your business home, my pledge is to build this home so that it lasts a lifetime.


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