Ray Faltinsky

CEO Message – January 2024

Dear Friends,

2023 was an epic, record-breaking year for Beyond Slim and our Coaches! Through the first 11 months of the year (Jan-Nov), our sales were almost 9X higher than the first 11 months of 2022! And what’s even more exciting to me, our commissions paid to hard-working Coaches all across the US, were also almost 9X higher!

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing our amazing Coaches flourish and grow and experience more success than ever before! When we launched Beyond Slim, we decided to do things differently. Rather than just focusing on making the company and shareholders successful, like many other companies, we decided it was time to start a company that focused on the people, our dedicated Coaches, and build a company focused on their success, their dreams, their goals, and their desire to help others. We asked ourselves, can we do well, by doing good? Not only is this the right thing to do, but we were confident it would create success for everyone. It was a win-win mission!  

Well, apparently we’ve been on the right track, because our success speaks for itself, especially at a time when other direct selling companies are struggling. We support our Coaches at every level and take care of customers like family.  

We want to empower you to have the success you dream of in 2024! As we look ahead to the new year, here’s a road map you can follow to help you carry the 2023 momentum through the new year!

January is All About the Reboot!

With a record 75% of the population in the US being overweight, January is the month that virtually everyone sets a goal to finally get fitter, healthier and happier! And, there is no more effective way to achieve that goal than with ZipSlim and our Reboot 66 program! In January you will see many new initiatives designed to support you and your customer’s success. Stay closely connected to our Reboot 66 Facebook Group and encourage everyone on your team to participate in the Reboot 66 Challenge no matter what their fitness goals are!

February Virtual Launch Event

Join us for our February Launch as we kick off 2024 with a very exciting new product, recognition, company updates and other enrollment-centered action items you can use to build your business, attract leaders and maintain a solid customer base. This event will set the pace for the year as you learn all about how Beyond Slim will continue to change so many lives in 2024 for the better!

Also, February is the month that the new, increased Organization Commissions go into effect. You want to focus on achieving your highest title in February to maximize those commissions!

San Diego Leadership Summit

March is the final month to qualify for our Leadership Summit in sunny San Diego! Immerse yourself in this 4-day/3-night experience to hone your leadership skills, foster connections with fellow Beyond Slim leaders, have fun and get inspired to make 2024 your greatest year ever! This first ever event will provide training and renewed purpose to take you to the next level, including:

  • Making a focused plan to achieve your next big title jump, to either Silver, Gold, Platinum or even Diamond!
  • Goal setting training
  • Presentations by Beyond Slim’s top business builders
  • Time with Founder & CEO Ray Faltinsky, VP of Sales Rachel Kellogg and Dr. Mark Drucker
  • And much more!

There are 3 ways to qualify including being an Influencer 6 in the months of January, February and March. You DO NOT want to miss this event! I can’t wait to see you there!

Check Match Mania!

In April we launch the Monthly Check Match (MCM) Bonus. This is the bonus everyone has been waiting for that pays Silver 1’s and higher between 3-20% of the Organization Commissions earned by leaders in your organization! The industry’s leading compensation plan expert, Dan Jensen, has said that over time, as your organization grows deeper, this bonus will pay leaders more than any other bonus in our compensation plan! Well, that journey begins in April! See our Compensation Plan Booklet for full details.

Our First Annual Convention!

Our first annual Convention will be held August 1-4 in Las Vegas! Nothing compares to the importance of this event! This is the most impactful experience you will ever have in Beyond Slim. This event puts you in the middle of all things Beyond Slim, in an environment that empowers you with learning, collaboration and recognition. Three full days of exclusive trainings, workshops, can’t miss announcements, celebrations and awards! All of this is designed to help you reach your goals. Anyone who is serious about their success in 2024, simply must join us at Convention in August as we celebrate you!

We’ve created an incredible road map to keep the momentum going for you in 2024! Let’s make this yet another record-breaking year and change so many more lives for the better!

Happy New Year!



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