Compensation Plan Updates

We have several exciting announcements for all our incredible Coaches who are driving our record growth! 

Loyal Subscriber Program 

We have some great news for Subscribe & Save members!  Starting on March 1, all S&S members will now start saving $10 on each bag of ZipSlim they purchase each month starting Month 3 of their subscription, instead of Month 4 under our previous Loyal Subscriber savings program!  We want to reward our most valued customers more than ever before as part of our vision to help millions of people become fitter, healthier and happier!  We also believe this will help increase the retention of Customer enrollments in your organization and be beneficial for growing your business as well! 

CIC, LLC and Organization Commissions

As a result of the change to the Loyal Subscriber program, the 50% CIC will now pay out on new enrollments for 2 calendar months instead of 3.  In the 3rd month Coaches will begin earning the Loyal Customer Commission (LLC) of between 10-40% on all their enrollments.  The 10% 5 levels deep Generational commissions will also begin being paid out starting on orders in the 3rd month instead of the 4th month. 

Silver Influencer Qualifications

All qualified Silver Influencers and higher will now have the option to qualify with either 30 Personally Enrolled S&S Members or 30 Referral Points each month.  This enhancement gives more flexibility to Coaches depending on how they build their team. 

Keep up the great work!! 

Your Beyond Slim Team

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