Curiosity Leads to Financial Freedom: Kiley Shafer’s Journey with Beyond Slim®

After 12 years in the network selling business, Kiley Shafer was looking for something new.

She was in a business she loved doing but was on the verge of giving up. Change would be a solution yet she was wary of getting into a new company to start all over again.

An opportunity for change came when her friend, Erin, raved about an all-in-one wellness drink that piqued her curiosity and got her interested in being a coach.

“I was using multiple supplements at that time. I was all for simplifying my life, and an all-in-one wellness drink sounded great. Joining Beyond Slim® was one of the best decisions I made, jumping all in here.

The vision here is so compelling. When I was offered a Legacy Leader position, I knew I had found my home.”

In a span of just seven months, Kiley reached Silver Influencer 3 status, encouraged by the welcoming culture of the company. ZipSlim’s effectiveness and the attractive compensation plan helped inspire and propel her.

If you’re looking for a community that collaborates and does not compete, this is your home.

The leadership is unlike any I’ve ever been a part of. The income potential is so different from any company out there.

With our compensation plan being based on enrollments, the success is in your hands.”

Read more about Kiley’s story on Business for Home

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