Legacy Leaders Corner – JUNE 2023

As a mother of three little ones, it can be hard to juggle multiple roles on a daily basis. ZipSlim® has helped me find myself again. I’ve not only lost 30 pounds*, but I finally have the energy to play with my kids.

I love recommending ZipSlim because I feel like I can speak to the postpartum mom, the mom out there who just can’t find herself. Once we make Mom happy, everything falls into place. It’s just a better world for everybody at home.

I consider myself a part of the average 90% that is winning here. I love how convenient ZipSlim is for the average parent out there. It’s very easy to just take the product wherever you want to go and incorporate the lifestyle changes even for a busy mom like me.

I feel like this drink is impacting more than we think at the moment and that’s why the company is growing so rapidly. People are looking forward to having ZipSlim every day, and if you can wake up excited every morning then you’re doing something right.

We have a solution. I know first-hand that we can help the postpartum mother regain her joy and confidence.


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