Ingredient Spotlight – Magnesium: The Feel-Good Mineral

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MAGNESIUM: THE FEEL-GOOD MINERAL Magnesium is a mineral that assists in carrying out various chemical reactions in the body, helping the heart, muscles, bones, nerves, and other organs to run smoothly. More than half of our body’s magnesium is stored in our bones, while the remaining supply is scattered throughout various tissues in the body.  […]


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Erythritol is a natural sweetener that can be found in fruits such as pears and apples. Over the last 20 years, studies have been conducted to determine erythritol’s health and safety on metabolism. Erythritol has been found safe for both human and animal consumption and has been approved by the FDA since 2001, classified as […]

Ingredient Spotlight – Green Tea Phytosome: the Hardworking Antioxidant

Green Tea

While green tea offers a lot of benefits to the body, enjoying its full benefits could entail drinking eight to ten cups of this brew a day! Green Tea Phytosome (GreenSelect®) is a special formulation that combines the benefits of green tea with healthful sunflower phospholipids to improve absorption. Green Tea Phytosome’s faster absorption means […]

ZipSlim Featured: How Supplements and Healthy Lifestyle Habits Can Affect Your Health Goals

Published in HEALTH & FITNESS BY LIFE & STYLE EDITORS “Supplements” is a catch-all term for various treatments that include natural ingredients used to supplement an individual’s diet. In recent years, various supplements have taken the world by storm thanks to their ability to help individuals reach the health and wellness goals they were unable to […]

News Feature: CALI POST – Summer Weight Loss Made Easy

Published in CALI POSTJune 30, 2023 A recent article published in the lifestyle magazine CALI POST says: “During the summer, many people strive to lose weight, but often find it difficult. From the challenge of maintaining a diet to the problems that weight loss often causes with energy, it’s hard to keep up with fitness […]

News Feature: ZipSlim® is Travel-Sized for Upcoming Summer Vacations

by Kyle Matthews for The American Reporter Summer is the season to break usual routines and embark on exciting adventures, throwing off year-long schedules in favor of travel and fun. It’s also the time of year when people indulge in refreshing treats with their kids when the ice cream truck rolls down the street, and break […]

New Interview: Rachel Kellogg Helps Beyond Slim Achieve Record Setting Growth

See why with a decade of experience in the field as a top leader, and extensive experience on the corporate side previously working with small startup companies to ½ billion-dollar international companies, our VP of Sales Rachel Kellogg is already helping Beyond Slim achieve record-setting growth. Read the Business For Home interview here:

You asked: Why is there Sugar in ZipSlim®?

Dr. Drucker Answers: “Sometimes we get asked why we decided to add 3g of sugar to ZipSlim, and love that question because it allows us to share some really cool info about how we created our formula. First of all, we like to remind people that 3g is a very low concentration of sugar; it’s […]

Your 9 Reboot Rituals

Our Metabolic Reboot™ is designed to help you look and feel your best, giving you the tools you need to break the cycle of failed diet and nutrition programs. The key to achieving lasting results is to build healthy habits that fit your lifestyle. We call these habits our Reboot Rituals™, and when you make your […]

The Beyond Slim Metabolic Reboot

Looking to help people defeat Metabolic Overload, the root cause of mid-life weight gain, Beyond Slim partnered with Dr. Mark Drucker of San Diego, California’s Center for Advanced Medicine. Dr. Drucker has helped countless people create nutrition and lifestyle programs to move successfully towards lasting healthy lifestyle changes. The common theme among them all is […]