News Feature: California Herald says “Boost Your Metabolism and Shed Pounds with ZipSlim® This Summer”

News Feature: California Herald says “Boost Your Metabolism and Shed Pounds with ZipSlim® This Summer”

Original article written for the California Herald by Lisa Baker

Summer is officially here, meaning it’s the perfect time of year to try out a revolutionary diet supplement clinically proven to boost metabolism and promote healthy weight loss. ZipSlim® is a nutritional drink supplement with ingredients that promote healthy weight loss, burn fat, and increase energy production.

This summer, millions will reboot their metabolisms and enhance their health

ZipSlim® targets metabolic overload, the underlying cause of weight gain. “Millions try and fail to lose weight due to sluggish metabolisms,” says Dr. Mark Drucker, Medical Director of Beyond Slim. “Reduced metabolic rate comes with fewer calories burned and more stored as fat, so if you’re having trouble losing weight, it’s likely that you’re in a metabolic overload state. But this isn’t your fault, and the solution is simple.”

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, ZipSlim® speeds up the weight loss process which it achieves in three distinct phases. The supplement works by stimulating the enzyme AMPK, which causes the body to use food as energy rather than storing it as fat. Second, to keep people’s metabolisms from dipping and soaring, ZipSlim® stabilizes their blood sugar. And finally, the supplement reduces people’s appetites and helps them eat less.  

Over the course of a 90-day clinical study referenced on the product’s website, 50 participants with body mass indexes of 28 to 36 followed a 1,350-calorie diet for women and a 1,850-calorie diet for men. The participants given ZipSlim®’s active ingredient in addition to their diet shed 30 pounds, while those who relied only on dietary changes shed only 10 pounds.

The ingredients in ZipSlim® are proven to boost metabolism

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